Sunday, December 30, 2012

Starting A Special Weekly Post...and a Merry Christmas to All!

Hello to everyone, welcome back, and Merry Christmas to one and all!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and spent tons of time with your loved ones.  My Christmas was pretty good.  I spent it with my brother, my sister, her husband, her baby, and her husband's family.  They are truly great people (although her brother in law kind of drives me crazy because he lets his wife run all over him...she treats him so badly and I hate it, because he really is a good guy!) and just accepted us into their family just because their son married our sister.  With our own family being the way it is, that is really a blessing to us all. 

Now, I have noticed that a lot of people have special kinds of posts they do on certain days of the week (think along the lines of "Whiny Wednesdays", "Meme Mondays", that kind of thing), and I want to do that, too...I have decided I want to have a certain day of the week that I post vintage type pics and discuss how the picture or the phrase on the picture relates to my life at that specific time.  (Wow...when I type it, it sounds kind of dumb...but believe me, it sounds AWESOME in my head!!!  Typing it out makes it sound kind of serious....but I'm not sure if it will be!)  My problem is, I have NO IDEA what to call it!  That's where you, my beloved blogger buddies, come in! 

I really need some more brains helping me out with this.  Maybe it is the fact that my brain is VERY tired from the holidays and family time, or maybe it is the lateness of the hour...or maybe it's just that this is hard!!!  LOL!  So, I would like to request some help.  If you think of a good name for this type of post, please email me or post it in the comments.  I think I have decided to do it on Sundays (of course, that is open, based on the name I settle on), but that is just because it is easier for me to schedule things on Sundays.

I also want to start doing some of the ones that other people do...but I don't know how that works here in blogland.  I don't know if I need to ask someone's permission to start doing it, or if there is a particular person who started particular ones that I need to...I don't know...sign up with or something?  If anyone knows how this kind of thing works, some advice in this area would be appreciated as well!  :-)

Other than that, I am just spending some time catching up on other blogs, trying to find more writing jobs, and getting ready to send a MASSIVE letter to BD that I have worked on every single day for the last week.  In it, I talk about some stuff that I want to address here in my blog, but that will be for another day....cause I am tired!!! 

Thanks everyone in advance for your help!  Have a great night, and I will be back to post something with some substance (well, MAYBE with some substance!) when I wake up!




  1. i don't think you have to ask for permission for most things. except like TMI tuesdays... where there's a site that tells you how to do it.

    I do follow fridays cos that wah the twitterfolk used to do. i'm not sure if it started in blogland n went there or the other way around, but that's not a very regular thing for me. only when i have new blogs.

    it doesn't HAVE to be new blogs either - could be posts you like that week.

    i also sometimes do tuesday toons (or other funny pics...)

    and i've seen some others around...

    your idea does NOT sound silly. or too serious.

    really, it's your blog, so feel free to do whatever you like!

    1. Hmm...TMI Tuesdays...that sounds fun! I may look that up before I go to bed tonight and see what it's about.

      I may start doing Follow Fridays, too...I find so many posts on so many blogs that I just REALLY want to share with people and talk about on my blog...that's a good way to do that...

      Tuesday Toons sounds like a good one, seems like a lot of the pics I find that I love wind up being funny ones. Sometimes I try to find serious ones that mean something to me so that I can talk about something serious when I post them....I try so hard to be serious, but I spend so much time doing that when I work that I guess when I am searching for things online, my mind just really needs the funny stuff. Weird...I'm really a very serious person!

      Lol....thanks for reminding me that it's my blog and I can do anything I want! I get so caught up in having to write what my clients want (which is almost NEVER something that interests me) and following all of their rules, sometimes I forget that this blog HAS no rules! BUT, I think the problem really is that I don't know WHAT I want to do with it. I don't know what direction I want to take it. When I first started it, I really wanted it to be a place for serious discussions about the lifestyle and how it has effected me and what I think....but now I am starting to feel that maybe I rant too much or discuss things to death...*sigh...I don't know....I probably should have made more of a plan before I started the blog, lol!

      Thanks for your input, though, Fondles! It is ALWAYS appreciated! :-)

  2. come join the new sexy meme i'll be starting this Wednesday!

    Murry Crimbus to you and yours

    your beloved blogger buddy

    1. Oh fun! A sexy one! What's it going to be about? I would love to join if I am able!

      The same to you, phoenix, lol!

      aww...SO beloved!!!!

  3. Welcome back Cassaundra. Your idea sounds like fun to me, though I have no idea what to call it. As Fondles said, this is your blog, put on it whatever works for you, that, in my opinion is the best thing about blogging, other then the friends we meet through them :)

    1. Thanks for the welcome back, faerie...Christmas just whooped my bottom this year...

      I'm so glad that it sounds fun to you, too! I just LOVE those old vintage pics! *sigh...titles are always the hardest thing for me to come up with when I am writing ANYTHING! I guess I just need to put more thought into it.

      I will get this whole blogging thing figured out eventually...I have a bad habit of jumping into things without planning them....this was one of those things, lol! But it will work out! I just love it here and all of the people I have met!

  4. Happy Christmas and New Year

    As others have said its your blog and trust your instincts with what works for you.

    I tend to blog about rambles that are going on in my head and i dont guarrantee they will always make sense lol


    1. Happy Christmas and New Year to you, too, tori! It's great to see you here!

      Thanks for the advice...I thought I had it figured out, but was sadly disappointed...

      Hopefully I will be able to get a flow going that works for all make it look so easy!!!! :-D