Sunday, December 30, 2012

I've Got It!!!

Finally, after HOURS of thinking about this (I say, tongue in cheek, because I just brought this up in my last blog post last night), I have figured out what I am going to call my meme!  Thank you to Fondles, Phoenix, and faerie for the support!

I have decided to call my new weekly meme Sentimental Sundays.  I feel this gives me some room on days when I don't have an appropriate vintage picture I want to use to be able to use other pictures that make me sentimental or make me feel something that I want to talk about.

     a : marked or governed by feeling, sensibility, or emotional idealism

     b : resulting from feeling rather than reason or thought

This really captures where I wanted to go with this weekly post, so that is what I am going with!  

If anyone else would like to join me in doing this on Sundays, I would love to have you!  I am going to work on creating an icon to put on my page for it, so I'd be happy to share it with you once I am done!


I just googled it, and it is already being used as a meme by other people AND it is the name of a blog!  Back to the drawing board....

To be continued.....


  1. Okay, I just read your last comment. Let me say that I struggle with titles for my posts too. They are usually the last thing I write for every post. I think Sentimental Sundays is a good idea. Just because someone else uses it doesn't mean you can't too. If you like it, use it, make it your own, give it your own spin and go with it.

    1. That's a good suggestion, and I might do that...but in the last couple of hours I have been trying to figure out what this whole "meme" thing is all about, and the research is staggering! There is so much information out there, and so many things that other people suggest in order to make it successful and get other people to do it with you...WAAAAY more complicated than I thought it would be! I thought it was just something people did and other people started doing it and it was all just fun! I didn't know people took it so seriously! WOW! I think I need to put more thought into this!

  2. I"M with Faerie on this use whatever name you'd like and do whatever you want with it. As for people getting "serious" about it, it's your blog- your space so who cares what other people do? I say have fun with it and I promise to visit and check it out.

    1. Aw, Mrs. D! Thanks! I'm glad to know you'll be coming back! That just warms my little writer's heart! :-D

      I'm still working on it, because I want it to be something original and unique...I know, I know, it's hard to find anything original or unique on the internet, and especially hard to come up with something no one else has come up with before. It has been so great to get so much support from my fellow bloggers regarding making my blog whatever I want without worrying about what anyone else does or thinks. Thank you for the support!

  3. Yup, I concur. It's YOUR blog and YOUR posts so it gets to be YOUR title. It will be wonderful, whatever you choose.

    1. Thanks, fiona! It's so great to have such wonderful friends here! You are all so amazing and supportive!

      I'm still working on it...I have confidence that I will figure out something that I will be happy with. I'm just not used to something being MINE that I can do whatever I want with, lol! In my writing, it is always what someone ELSE wants!