Sunday, December 2, 2012

Collaborating With Your Significant Other: Good or Bad Idea?

For those readers who also enjoy writing, I have a question for you.  My SO, a wonderful, Dominant, amazingly talented man, wants he and I to collaborate on a book idea together.  BD is also an artist, so when he first came up with this idea, he wanted it to be a graphic novel.  I know next to nothing about the graphic novel industry, so I did not know how much actual collaborating I could do with him, but the idea of him doing the artwork for the project really thrilled me.  Unfortunately, he does not feel that his style of art will work with the style he has chosen for the graphic novel, so he does not want to actually do the artwork himself.  

Through a lot of discussion, he and I have decided together (yes, for those of you who are unaware, even submissives are allowed input!  :-)  ) that while the idea of a graphic novel is a good one, his story idea is much better suited for book form.

Now, I am a freelance writer working my tail off to make a living with my words, even when those words are marketing materials, blog posts for people I don't even know, or web content for sites that I will probably never visit.  This is hard work.  This is frustrating work.  This is work that takes a lot of time and often shows little reward.  But it is writing.

Of course, I, like any writer, have many projects, ideas, works that I have begun but never finished, sitting in notebooks and on my computer just waiting for me to return to them.  My writing has always been a fairly solitary pursuit, as it is for most.  Friends, family, and pets all know to step quietly, speak quietly, and even breathe quietly when I have entered a world that they have not yet been allowed to see.  Many will even leave completely rather than break the tiny, practically transparent bond holding me in that world and then have to listen to my desperation in trying to get that bond back.

The idea is an exciting one.  A BDSM based novel with realistic characters and a quite well developed plot, it I may take the liberty of bragging on my Dom.  I am thrilled that he wants my input and my writing ability to be a part of what I feel is an awe inspiring project.  

My question, for those who have more knowledge on the subject than I, is this:

Is working with your significant other in this manner a good idea or a bad idea?

I am completely secure in my relationship, so I am not concerned that arguing over this project will cause us insurmountable problems.  My concern has more to do with whether or not two people who are on such opposite sides of the spectrum in the BDSM world can successfully create a great novel.  

Our differences make us an amazing couple, but how will they effect the story?  

Cassaundra (with a collar!)


  1. I think that perhaps it would enhance the project--more well-rounded than from just one end of the spectrum perhaps?

  2. Hmmm...that's something I haven't considered. I'll have to think about that.

    Thanks, lil!