Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hello to everyone who has found my blog.  My name is Cassaundra (obviously!) and I am woman who lives a collared life with my fiance.  To those who do not know what a “collared life” is, hold on to your pants because I intend to explain it thoroughly over time throughout this blog.  For those who DO know and understand the lifestyle, you might want to tighten your belts or snap on your suspenders as well, because that is not all that you will be reading about here.  I am a woman who has wide and varied interests and who loves to share them with others!  Of course, some of the things I discuss may not be to everyone’s liking or suit everyone’s tastes, but that just means you should move on to the next post because you just might find something of interest there!

Comments will always be appreciated and responded to in a reasonable time frame.  Of course, this blog is new to me (as I am sure you can tell!) and I am still working on EXACTLY what directions I intend to take it, so suggestions, questions, or requests for information are more than welcome!  This is a place for openness and directness.  One of my main goals in this endeavor is to create an environment where everyone is comfortable with learning about something that is new to them or finding like-minded individuals to discuss lifestyle choices with.

So slip on something silky (or soft and flannel if you prefer!), grab a little snack, and let’s see what kind of discussions we can get into!

See you soon!

Cassaundra (with a collar!)


  1. *Grabs a cup of coffee.

    I realize that I'm late to the welcome party here, but welcome to Blogland!

    1. Thanks, lil! I appreciate the welcome! I've been feeling a little unloved, lol. Lots of people read my blog, but leave no comments... *sad.

      Hope you come back often! :-)

  2. Me too - welcome. I look forward to reading.

  3. Welcome, I look forward to reading about your journey

  4. Thank you, greengirl and Sir J! It's nice to know there are people a writer, I crave the knowledge that my words are being read. As a person, *jumping up and down* I'm just so excited that people are reading my blog!!! I hope to see you both often!