Friday, January 4, 2013

Update Post....and New Idea For Blog!

Hey guys!  I know that I have failed to post the updates, like I said I was going to...but I am officially doing it starting now.  I talked to my BD tonight and told him that I had not done it...he was very disappointed...and I HATE to disappoint whether I have progress or not, I am posting an update.  My problem for the last two days really had a lot to do with my nephew being here.  Last night I fell asleep with him when I put him to bed (at like eight o'clock, so I got a REALLY good night's sleep...although I DID wake up and get back on the computer for a little while in the middle of the night, lol), and the night before....okay, let me just quit making excuses.  I had made no progress and was depressed about it, so I did not post.  There...accountability and responsibility.


Well, today I did not do any "work" words written...but I did write the first set of sentences for my book project!  Okay, so it was only 39 words...but it was 39 words I did not have yesterday!  I have also figured out most of the basis of the book, AND I have made the decision to make an outline before I start writing the book.  For those of you who don't know this...I hate outlines and have NEVER used an outline to write anything...except the book that I ghostwrote and that is now published.  SO...I am taking that into account and have decided that I need an outline to make this project go on some type of schedule.  My nephew is asleep, so I am going to start working on my outline as soon as I finish this post.


Okay, guys...For those of you who volunteered:  I really appreciate the great response to my call for volunteers!  You guys are AWESOME!  Now, I need to make something very clear here.  I am the kind of person who will bend the truth a little sometimes to make people feel better.  I hate to give people bad critique's, I hate to criticize (I WILL, I just don't like to!), and I hate to make people feel bad about something they have worked hard on.  If any of those statements apply to YOU...please reconsider volunteering.  I would be thrilled to have each and every one of you read it and give me your feedback, but I am VERY serious about this project and intend to work VERY hard on it....and I intend to have it PUBLISHED.  So, I need to ask those of you who want to read - PLEASE only do this if you can be TOTALLY honest, can COMPLETELY disregard my feelings, and can give me criticism if you think it is needed to make this book better!  Thank you very much!

Now, those of you who still want to volunteer, please send me your email address.  My email address is on my profile!  Thanks, guys!


Okay, with all this conversation (both in my comment section and in other people's blogs) about my word "fluffy", I have decided to create a new section for my blog.  It is going to revolve around body image, body issues, and the evolution of the ideal body image for women.  I am pretty excited about it!  I will probably have the first phase of it up sometime tomorrow after my nephew goes home.  Just wanted to let you all know what was going through my head in the quest to decide what my blog is going to be when it grows up!  

Love and hugs to you all!  And thanks so much for all the support!  Everyone has been WONDERFUL! 



  1. Its ok dont panic, we expect you to have a life beyond blogging lol

    I couldnt find your email address, mine is...

    Great idea for the blog.


    1. LOL! But that's the thing, tori! Other than BD and my nephew, I DON'T have much of a life beyond blogging and working! I should really accomplish more in a day than I do! LOL!

      Okay, I've got your email address! To find my address on the Google+ tab, you have to push the about tab. I should have just put it in the post, lol!

      Thanks! Somehow the idea struck somewhere between reading your blog post about "fluffy" and finding that article that I put in your comments...but I love the idea!

      I'm glad you still want to read, tori! I can't wait to send it to you!

  2. Don't worry about honesty from me, I can be honest to a fault, but I'm never mean :) I think anything that helps women accept and love their bodies as they are is a wonderful thing. Looking forward to what you have to say about it.

    1. That's what I need, faerie! Absolute honesty....but no meanness! LOL! I might cry if someone is actually mean about my baby!!!

      I'm looking forward to putting some of the neat stuff I have found up here! I think it will be a great little part of my blog! I have a sincere belief that there is a REASON that fluffy women have been the ideal for so long. It's only in the last century that this stick thin body image has gotten so popular!

  3. I thought the last time I was here I hit to follow your blog, but apparently I hadn't. Glad I popped over tonight- boy have I missed a lot! I think your idea for the blog sounds great especially since most women not just those of us fluffy gals have body image issues. Good luck with the book.

    1. Hi Mrs. D! I think you did follow my blog last time you were here (but I could be wrong), but maybe you have to fill out the thing at the bottom of the page to get notifications of when I post. Since blogger merged with Google+, a lot of this stuff is hard for me to figure out!

      LOL! I don't think you have missed that much. Mainly just me rambling about getting started on my book idea and then not actually getting much accomplished on the actual book! I'm so glad you like the idea for the blog! I am very, very excited about it! I'm just about as excited about it as I am about my book!

      Thanks for the "luck"! I think I need it!