Saturday, January 5, 2013

Update On Book Progress

Well, my nephew didn't go home quite as early as I expected, but I was able to get 273 words done on my book outline!  In the outline, I have gotten as far as the conflict.  I am not good with creating conflict!  This is why I have never finished any of the books I have started, because I don't like to subject my characters to problems and heartbreak!  To me, creating these characters is a huge responsibility, and I feel like I should be responsible for making them happy in their lives!  But if I CAUSE conflict, then I am not making them happy!  I know, I know....all that kind of defeats the purpose of a book, because without a conflict there can be no story!  I'm working on it,'s just giving me some issues! 

I did, however, increase my daily word count by SEVEN TIMES!!!!  Well, not actual book words, but outline words, which may end up as book words, and DO help with the actual book writing process!  :-)

Yay me! 

And thanks everyone for your kind comments.  I have really made some wonderful friends here. 

Question...does anyone here know how to make those little sub-tabs under the main tabs at the top of the blog?  Regarding the "self-image" changes I am making to the blog, I want to have one tab (like my "home", "about me", and "BDSM" tabs at the top) with the main title on it, then under that I want to have some sub-tabs where I can put different information....but I can't figure out how to do the sub-tabs.

Thanks everyone!  OH...for those of you who can't find my email address on my profile, it is:



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  1. Good luck on finishing that book! By the way, I have a small erotic blog myself and I was wondering if you would like to add me to your blogroll? And of course, i will definitely add you back! ;)

    Please let me know!