Sunday, February 3, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!!

Wow!!!  I have been nominated by Mrs. D for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!  This is the very first award I have ever been nominated for/received for my blog, and I am awe struck!  My blog is so new (and currently so neglected by me), I would never have expected something like this.  I am so glad to know that I am doing SOMETHING right and helping someone with the things I have to say.  That means the world to me.  I am so grateful to be able to share my thoughts and opinions with you all, and humbled to know that I can inspire and help some of you just by being here and speaking my mind.  Thank you so much, Mrs. D, for this great honor!

Here are the rules:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person nominating you
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link back to them.
5. Notify these other bloggers and give them the award requirements.

So, I have displayed the award logo on my blog.  

I have linked back to the wonderful Mrs. D.

Now, 7 things about myself:

1. I am an orphan.  My mother died when I was in my early 20's.  My biological father died about 2 months after I met him for the first time.  My step-father died a few months after that.
2. My deepest, most heartfelt dream in life is to simply live a happy and peaceful life with my BD.  My life has had a lot of turmoil, pain, and loss over the years, and I just want all of that to end.  I don't care how much money we have, what kind of house we live in, or even where we live, and I definitely don't care who does or does not approve of who we are or what we do.  I just want my home to be peaceful and happy.
3. I absolutely HATE to be tickled.  I have no idea why, but I hate it with an intense passion.  To me, being tickled is NOT fun.
4. I have a HORRIBLE fear of spiders.  The kind of fear that brings debilitating shaking and partial paralysis.  Even the sight of the tiniest, itsy bitsy-est spider sends waves of terror throughout my body.  I can't even stand to look at pictures of them!
5. I am a TERRIBLE procrastinator.  It has really gotten pretty ridiculous.
6. I have always been the type of person who has no problem lending anything to anyone who needs it...clothes, shoes, money, time, pretty much anything.  But I HATE to borrow anything from anyone.
7. I am a fluffy girl, have always been a fluffy girl, and have finally, after years and years of hating myself for it, become comfortable with who I am and how I look.  With BD's guidance, love, acceptance, and support, I finally believe that I am beautiful, intelligent, and pretty darned awesome!  


This was an AWFULLY hard decision to make!  I read so many blogs and they are all inspiring to me in one way or another, so picking just 15 was SO hard for me!  But I finally did, and here they are.  If you have already been nominated and don't want to do this again or simply don't like doing these things, I completely understand and won't have my feelings hurt!  And for anyone I left out, please know that not being on this list is in NO WAY a reflection of my opinion of you or your blog!  I love everyone here and all of your blogs...the darned rules just won't let me put you all on here!!!  Also, your place on this list is completely random and also in no way reflects my opinions!

These are all blogs on blogger.

1.   DV @ A Dauntless Journey
2.   Fondles @ Fondlers Anonymous
3.   Fiona @ Sir Q and me
4.   HisLilAngel @ An Angelic Submissive
5.   faithful @ faithful2Master
6.   lil @ Submissive Sanctuary
7.   tori @ Pain's Pleasure
8.   Kitty @ Our Own D/s
9.   Kitty @ The Submissive Wife
10. Sir J @ What Does It Mean To Be Dominant?
11. Jen @ Writing is just luck, blood and glitter
12. faerie @ faerie learns to fly
13. Shelby @ Shelby Cross, Writer
14. sin @ finding my submission
15. mouse @ The Power Exchange

Bonus (non-blogger blogs):
16. D @ DumbDomme
17. Aisha @ Being Aisha
18. Monkey @ The Monkeys Journey
I really feel like I am leaving some IMPORTANT people out and that makes me so sad!  I tried to only put people on here who have not been nominated yet, because I did not want them to have to do it all over again, lol, but some of these people just HAD to be here!  I love you all!

I am off to notify everyone now!

Thanks, again, Mrs. D!



  1. Thanks for the nomination, it is apprecited...but i beat you to it as i nominated you as well (a fair few posts back, i have been on a roll lately with posting!), i just didnt notify you because im a terrible procastinator as well lol

    ps and i hate spiders too


    1. LOL! Wow, I have been out of the blogging loop for a while because of the flu crap and trying desperately to get a certain job which I will post about later that I completely missed it! Thank you so much for nominating me!!! :-) It feels so good to know that so many are getting something out of this blog! I will have to go check it out....AND mention here that you nominated me, too!

    2. I wanted to add here that I wish they had had a place for WHY each blog was inspirational to you. But since they didn't, I am just going to tell you here. Your blog helps me to accept the masochist in myself. It helps me to accept the fact that it is okay. And that I am okay. I am fairly generally accepting of myself and proud of who I am...but occasionally something happens that makes me doubt certain aspects of myself. Your blog helps me so much when that happens. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the nomination too- I was already nominated, so not sure if that means I need to post again? :)

    Nice to learn more about you. I hope you and your BD get that peaceful happy life!


    1. No, faithful, I don't think you have to do it again if you don't want to! I did nominate a few that I knew had already been nominated, but some people I just couldn't leave off! And you were one of them! :-)

      I hope we get it, day. Thanks!

    2. I want to tell you that your blog inspires me every time I read it through your tales of faithfulness to your Master. Being apart is so hard (I know, I live it every day), and you deal with it with such grace and acceptance, and that is an inspiration to me when the missing BD gets so hard.

  3. I nominated you too!! It's an older post on the blog but you're there :)

    These are so fun!

    Also - I hate spiders too! *shudder*

    1. Oh my goodness!!! I am so excited that so many people nominated me! That is really an honor for me, especially since my blog is so new! Thank you so much! I will have to get caught up on all my blog reading!!!

      UGH! Spiders!!! HORRIBLE!!!

    2. Your openness is why I nominated you. You are new to this lifestyle and to blogging (if, of course, I am completely understanding everything I am reading, lol!), but your ability to be so open and honest about everything that goes on in your day to day life with Husband really touches me and inspires me to be as open and honest with myself, with BD, and with the world on my blog.

  4. Thanks for the mention! Really very sweet of you. Right there with ya on spiders (shivers).


    1. Hugs right back at you, mouse. Your blog is one of the ones I felt I really needed to put on there. You teach me so much about my own submission in your posts. You truly are an inspiration to me.

  5. Thank you so much that was very kind of you, I don't generally post these things but I do so like it when someone picks me. So seven things about me.

    1 the average depth of snow in my front yard is 3 feet
    2 I have thing for blue cars
    3 I have no tattoos or piercings
    4 I really like curvy girls
    5 I have never been in a fist fight
    6 sorry I like spiders, I find them fascinating
    7 I am not ticklish at all, this drives my 10 yr old daughter nuts

    1. Oh, Sir J, I most definitely could not leave you out! I don't read many Dom blogs, but those I do read, I read for a reason. Because I feel that from your blogs I have gotten to know you, and that you are a true picture of a loving Dom. You show so much love and care, mixed with the structure and discipline your sub needs, in your blog...that is an inspiration to me in itself.

      Regarding your 7 things: 4. the word is "fluffy", Sir J!! (You may have missed the "fluffy" posts, lol, but I and several other girls discussed this issue, lol!) 5. that is admirable, but not surprising to me. A true man finds other ways to solve his problems. 6. I have a fascination with spiders, myself, but that doesn't make me fear them any less. AND that fear keeps me from exploring that fascination, lol! 7. I WISH I wasn't ticklish!!! You are SOOO lucky!!!

  6. Aww, thank you!
    sorry it has taken me so long to get over here.

    I'll kinda play along, hope that works!


    1. I don't mind bears, but our chickens scare me.
    2. Half of the times that I say something, it doesn't come out at all like it sounded in my head.
    3. my brain to mouth filter is defunct (this might contribute to number 2).
    4. I am somewhat addicted to reading blogs.
    5. I have never lived in a city.
    6. I have always had dogs.
    7. I don't really get along with cats.